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PGS USA Security is a distinguished leader in providing reputable Armed and Unarmed security services. Our Armed division stands out for its exceptional training, dedicated professionals and strict adherence to protocols that ensure each member of the team possesses an impeccable background.

Working as an armed security officer is no simple task. It requires a strict level of training to ensure they possess the skills and understanding necessary for successful defense protocol when carrying dangerous weapons. As such, we are highly selective in our hires and devote substantial resources towards expanding their knowledge base through intensive range time, professional active shooter training, general defensive measures—all within the context of de-escalation techniques that prioritize safety over all else.

Top 6 reasons

why to hire Armed security guards

Are you in the market for a reliable armed security guards? If so, we’ve got answers to your questions. Click on any of the top reasons as to why higher armed security offices for more detailed answers. Feel free to give us a call if further assistance is needed – our knowledgeable team will be glad to help.

1. Sense of Security

Armed security guards provide an extra layer of protection for your business and its valuables, deterring even the boldest robbers. Trained to handle situations that could put employees in harm’s way, these armed officers also serve as a shield against any potential threats before they can manifest. Investing in security adds peace-of-mind when dealing with delicate or expensive goods – giving you one less thing to worry about!

2. Armed Guards Are Thoroughly Trained

Our security firm takes pride in their carefully trained guards, who are licensed to operate weaponry and expected to meet a stringent set of standards. In addition to weapons training, these professionals hone the skills necessary for success as security personnel – ensuring that your safety is always paramount.

3. Quick Response to Crime

Timely response to crime is essential for any business, but waiting on the police leaves too much room for uncertainty. Having armed security guards gives companies peace of mind knowing that trained professionals are actively monitoring their property and responding swiftly in case anything occurs. Their advanced training allows them to handle issues before they escalate while cooperating with law enforcement when needed.

4. Extensive Background Check

Private security companies must always evaluate their guards’ backgrounds meticulously, especially for those that will be armed. Each potential guard undergoes an FBI background check and has to have clean fingerprints on record in order to carry a weapon legally – guaranteeing your safety through careful vetting processes! When you encounter our armed guard, rest assured they bring with them only the best character traits necessary for service.

5. Proactive Surveillance

Most armed guards have a background of military experience and specialized training, ex-military officers are uniquely positioned to provide superior security for businesses. With these well-equipped guards at the helm, business owners can be rest assured that their premises will remain under vigilant surveillance – resulting in an enhanced sense of safety and peace of mind while they focus on running their enterprises.

6. Armed Security Guards Are Defense

Trained armed security officers are a reliable asset to have on hand in any situation; they offer added protection and peace-of-mind when supplemental law enforcement is needed. Whether providing safeguard for an agency or acting as personal bodyguards, their swift action helps prevent both financial loss and emotional distress from unfolding events.

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