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Gate House Security

We provide outstanding residential gate house security services for gated communities with integrity and dedication. Our team is devoted to serving a variety of communities including gated neighborhoods. We offer a full range of options such as gate access control, foot patrols for thorough checks, vehicle patrol systems to monitor threats from afar and specialized task forces that detect persistent illegal activity. Also our management team are regularly visiting properties and providing continual training – ensuring the highest standard in safety measures 24/7.

A few reasons why to have

gate house security guards

Property owners can create an elevated sense of exclusivity and security with the addition of a gatehouse security guard. From providing more vigilant protection to creating a hospitable entryway, hired greeters are becoming increasingly popular additions for gated communities looking to provide superior safety measures. Explore some of the many benefits of having gate house security a guard below:

1. Gate House Security Guards will help keep track of ALL visitors:

With a professional gatehouse security guard, your residential property gets an extra layer of protection. Entry and exist is screened to ensure only authorized people have access – stopping uninvited guests from getting past the gates. Investing in this high level of safety can bring great peace-of-mind for all who live there. Call us today to receive a Gate House Security Guard proposal today!

2. Gate House Security Guard Can alert you of ALL Guests:

At the gatehouse, a friendly security guard is on hand to welcome each and every one of your guests. An additional layer of safety ensures that you will be informed no matter who visits or why – giving peace-of-mind during any unexpected meetings at home.

3. Gate House Security Guard can help Residents enter their Property:

Gated communities offer additional security guard company benefits, allowing homeowners to access their residential area with ease. By incorporating a gatehouse greeter and badge system, residents can bypass long wait times should they forget an ID or token; meaning no one’s locked out of coming home!

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To request an Armed or Unarmed Gate House Security guard proposal, please contact call our sales team, or complete our contact form.

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